10 pcs. Zipper end pieces / stoppers for spiral 5mm
Buy 10 St. Reißverschluss Endstücke/ Stopper für Spirale 5mm. Picture

10 pcs. Zipper end pieces / stoppers for spiral 5mm

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10 pieces stopper for endless zippers (sold by the meter) with spiral track 5mm, Num5

Small "near-help" for each sewing project, where you have to cut quickly and professional zippered.

And this is how it's done: Put the stopper on the rail, press it into the textile band and fasten the tool, done! So no zipper slip off the rail!

So you can easily convert all divisible zippers into non-divisible and shorten to the desired length.

Stoppers are often used when sewing jacket bags, for cosmetic bags, for DIY bags, kindergarten bags, for toys, for large and small sewing projects.

We have a large selection of matching zippers with spiral track 5mm, look in the shop!