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Necklace Chain Pendant Gem Moonstone length 56cm
Buy Halskette Kette Anhänger Edelstein Mondstein Länge 56cm. Picture

Necklace Chain Pendant Gem Moonstone length 56cm

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Necklace, necklace with gemstone pendant Moonstone (Adular)
Product Description:
Total length: approx. 56cm
Metal, bright, shiny
Pendant: Moonstone (Adular) / white
Length: ca.20mm

Gift idea for Christmas, Easter, birthday, wedding, baptism!
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What is this moonstone (adular) ..?
(Source: books, magazines)

lucky charm
for gamblers
- for speakers in front of an important audience
- for spirited people
-For lovers: for a good relationship, the two partners should wear a moonstone
-for people born on Monday and / or at the full moon
Greatest power: at full moon
-Upload: Leave on the windowsill overnight at full moon

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