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Necklace Chain Pendant Gemstone Turquoise Drops Length 52cm
Buy Halskette Kette Anhänger Edelstein Türkis Tropfen Länge 52cm. Picture

Necklace Chain Pendant Gemstone Turquoise Drops Length 52cm

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per 1 piece
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Necklace, necklace with gemstone pendant turquoise
Product Description:
Total length: ca.52cm
Metal, bright, shiny
Pendant: turquoise
Length: about 30mm

Price is per 1 piece
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What is this turquoise ..?
(Source: books, magazines)

lucky charm
Put turquoise stone in your purse and gain financial independence
for business people
against tantrums
-gives love
-Turquoise Ring - career success
for lovers
Brings hormones and emotions into balance
for travelers

bless you:
- If turquoise changes color (dark, lackluster, murky): Owner should go to the doctor and be checked

Turquoise is very sensitive
- Keep turquoise jewelry extra, otherwise scratches can not be avoided

Other features
Stones & pearls
elegant cozy