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Earrings gemstone amethyst length 40mm, purple
Buy Ohrhänger Edelstein Amethyst Länge 40mm, violett, lila. Picture

Earrings gemstone amethyst length 40mm, purple

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Earrings, Gemstone Amethyst Earrings
Length: about 40mm
Gemstone: Amethyst, different shapes
Color: dark purple to light / purple
Metal, bright

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What is this really Amethyst ..?
(Source: Books, Zeitschrifften, reading material)

Amethyst as a good luck charm

-to internalize good intentions (for example, no alcohol, nicotine)
-increases willpower
-Stein of the widowed men who no longer intend to marry
-for doctors
-for all rescue occupations (police officers, fire brigade, emergency physicians)

bless you:
- If you want to quit smoking or drinking alcohol or diet, carry amethyst stone with you
- against headaches, migraine
- works against inner tension and insomnia
- helps against stress, strengthens nerves

- Do not wear for more than 1-2 weeks at a time