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1 pc zipper for shoes or bags zipper spiral 7mm, Num 7 type 1
Buy 1 St. Zipper für Schuhe oder Taschenreißverschlüss Spirale 7mm, Num7 Typ 1. Picture

1 pc zipper for shoes or bags zipper spiral 7mm, Num 7 type 1

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And if the zipper zipper breaks? What am I doing ..?

Yes, often it is like this: we buy or sew your favorite bag and a few months later the first trouble:

-Zipper clamps

Zipper chops

- Zipper always goes up or does not close properly

Especially bad if the zipper zipper is broken off and you can not close the jacket or bag anymore. Mostly it's not zipper itself, but the little zipper (or slider) is worn out or simply become loose with time.

How can you quickly and cost-effectively save the jacket?

Good news: if the teeth are not broken, you can still save zipper!

Sometimes it is enough to exchange the zipper.

We have almost all models on offer for repair or exchange

1 pc zipper (slide) type 1

Spiral track 7mm, Num.7 (fits for zippers with spiral track 7mm)
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Metal, glossy
Perfect for bags, rucksacks, sleeping bags, footmuffs, tents, shoes, boots etc.