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Are you also enthusiastic and would like to buy a zipper?

Then you are right here! "" this is your online shop for exclusive and new design zippers with Motivzipper

We are always looking for new interesting goods for your sewing projects. We make sure that your project has a very special touch.

After 15 years experience in haberdashery sales, we have launched brand new zippers on the market: Design zippers with motif zipper. Our bestsellers are the divisible zippers with plastic tooth and spiral track 5mm.

We have expanded our offer. At the moment we have to choose from 25 different models: 

cheap regular jackets zippers,
star zipper in 3 different models,
zips with gold look zip,
ring zipper,
various zippers with oxidized protection surface,
zippers for children's jackets with butterflies,
flowers, hearts, anchors, zippers for reversible jackets, sports jackets etc.

Endless zippers (by the meter) are great for small DIY sewing projects e.g. Cosmetic bags, KiTa bags, rucksacks, decorative cushions, toys etc.


Small indivisible and seam-hidden zippers are often used for jackets, pants, dresses, skirts. We have great color choices, just look around!

Here you can find something special for you!

We are always working to develop new models for you. Our manufacturers have convinced us with quality. Each zipper it is high quality quality zipper. It is individually tested on site by hand.

Environmentally friendly is very important to us.

Always think about the future!