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Two WAY zips: is this the right zipper for me? Not so much hobby or professional seamstresses from DIY hand made scene know it well and again and again come questions: if the right zipper for my project?

Here is a brief explanation of what is the two way zipper and what is it used for. Mostly know standard zipper, which is divisible, has a zipper. And there are zips that have 2 zippers (or two WAY zippers called).

Such zippers are perfectly suitable for heavy textiles e.g. for winter clothing, men's jackets, vests, women's coat, bags, suitcases, sleeping bags, baby footmuffs and other creative DIY sewing projects

IMPORTANT! There are two way zippers with different tooth widths: 5mm, 7mm, 8mm and 10mm Tooth: Plastic, Metal, Spiral Track Look pictures and compare all zippers.

We have all these models available in the shop. In 11 basic colors depending on the length. There are expensive zippers and there are cheap models. Why is it? As a general rule, if the bottom zipper is reinforced, the zipper will automatically be expensive.

Tip: when you buy a jacket, look carefully: what kind of zip does the jacket have!

Remember: good jackets always have good stable zippers! Zipper must run easily, must not jam.

Plastic tooth must be stable enough, lower divisible tail must be easy to open and close again. Always check all zips on jacket before purchasing. And so the jacket with zipper makes no additional hassle and stress in everyday life