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DIY trend continues! Doing something with children, beautifying the world with great attention to detail, being creative: is that your life motto?

You can do all this with our digital plotter templates. For this you need a plotter, slides, joy of plotting, ideas, time and you can start right away.

We have a large selection of plotter files for self-download and production.
Plotter templates are suitable for many creative DIY projects, e.g. Textiles (T-shirts, dresses, skirts, bags, pillows ..) also for garden and home decoration, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, stationery ... For many occasions: children's birthday, christening, baby shower, Easter or just family holiday. For girls and boys!

We always offer a special plotter template for Christmas. Every year we offer digital advent calendars, so you can surprise your loved one 24 days. Do you sell your works on Christmas markets? Get a license from us in the shop (from 25 St. possible.)

We regularly test our plotter templates. Before a new plotter file goes online, it has to pass a test. Various films, surface, sizes, plotter devices, etc. are tested. So we can convince you with quality. Our look books and design examples show you what you can do with it!


Be creative and unique!