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Earrings gemstone agate white / pink length 40mm, noble
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Earrings gemstone agate white / pink length 40mm, noble

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Earrings, gemstone agate earrings
Length: about 40mm
Diameter: ca.7mm, 6mm
Color: white, raspberry pink
Metal, bright

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What is it really agate ..?
(Source: Books, Zeitschrifften, reading material)

Agate as a good luck charm
-the owner can hardly lie to or cheat, he sees through everyone
-Helps women to be more economical, protects against unnecessary purchases, wasting money
for men brings happiness in love
- to gain the affection of a person and to be emotionally connected with her, they give her an agate stone
Occupation: For those who have regular clientele / visitors, an agate should be on average at the desk. To neutralize the bad energy, wash off the stone with lukewarm water at the end of the day

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